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AnySQL Maestro is the premier universal admin FREEWARE for management, control and development
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18 October 2011

Editor's review

With the advancement in the usage of database applications in mid to large sized organizations for creating and maintaining information records on a centralized server, modern businesses have greatly improved the database management systems. Every organization that maintains its own database has some administrators for ensuring that all the database management exercise is in order. In order to achieve time and cost effectiveness in this respect, it is very essential for database administrators to use advanced tools for administrating their database. AnySQL Maestro v.10.7 provides a set of efficient tools for managing the database of an organization in a simplified manner.

AnySQL Maestro has complete support for a number of popularly used database engines like MySQL, SQL server, Ms Access, Oracle and many others which can be accessed by OLE DB provider or ODBC driver. With an easily understandable and intuitive interface, the program lets you manage your database as easily as possible. You will find all the database engines listed in a column format on the left hand side of the program Window. The names of these database engines have an expansion button clicking which, you can view the contents of the respective engine. All the corresponding display of the respective database engine can be viewed in the display box in the center and you can find single click button on the top of the program window for various functionality. The program has simple and powerful features for different administrative functionalities such as viewing, grouping, editing, sorting, and filtering of database contents. You will find a number of advanced features for dealing with SQL scripts and many others for handy editing, multi-threading, syntax highlighting and BLOB viewing and editing.

To conclude with, AnySQL Maestro v.10.7 pockets an overall score of three and a half rating points on the scale of five for all the powerful features offered by the program despite being a freeware.

Publisher's description

<p>AnySQL Maestro is a unique FREEWARE for administering any database engine (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, etc.) which is accessible via ODBC driver or OLE DB provider.The application provides you with easy-to-use GUI, which allows you to perform common database operations easy and fast.
Key features include:
Support of any database engine (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, Access, etc.)
Data management: viewing, editing, grouping, sorting and filtering abilities
Handy SQL Editor with code folding, syntax highlighting, and multi-threading
Powerful BLOB Viewer/Editor
The application also provides you with a powerful set of tools to edit and execute SQL scripts, build visual diagrams for numeric data, and much more.</p>
AnySQL Maestro
AnySQL Maestro
Version 11.7
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